Welcome to my first blog post! It's a special one 

Four years ago I had the amazing and unique opportunity to photograph this extraordinary woman during one of the hardest journeys a human being can face. Her name is Ashley Brink, and she was in the middle of her battle with hodgkin's lymphoma. We held mutual friends but never met before, and she made the brave decision to write me and ask me to document one of the most emotional experiences a woman can go through, losing her hair. With a bottle of red cat and some good music we hung out and talked about life, she's one of those people that can change your existence from a single conversation, she sees the world in such a beautiful way. As you scroll through the photos below you may forget that you're looking at a woman battling cancer, her positive and beautiful spirit truly take hold. You will get to see a side of cancer many know of but not many get to see. That night will forever be dear to my heart. Thank you Ashley for allowing me and the world to walk with you through that journey, and I'm so grateful to call you a friend now and be able to see you living your life happy and cancer free :)



Happy Birthday you kick-ass beautiful girl!!!