It's been a while since I've done a personal post, and as soon as I stepped foot inside this cabin I knew I had to make one and share it's beauty. Brandon and I celebrated three years together on June 2 at this charming little cabin in Galax, VA. We are parents to a 19 month old and also in the thick of planning our wedding, so we knew we wanted/needed to spend a couple days together somewhere private, and quiet. This place was out of a fairytale perfect. It smelled of my families cabin in upstate NY. Lush green forest everywhere you look, nothing but the sound of the stream that runs alongside the house. Total seclusion. The kind of place that makes you forget about the world. We danced and played board games, listened to old blues music, drank whiskey by the fire. It was absolute heaven and exactly what we needed.

I'll post the link to the Airbnb listing below, if you're in my area I highly recommend escaping to this beautiful property!


Link to Airbnb listing:

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