It's been a while since I've done a personal post, and as soon as I stepped foot inside this cabin I knew I had to make one and share it's beauty. Brandon and I celebrated three years together on June 2 at this charming little cabin in Galax, VA. We are parents to a 19 month old and also in the thick of planning our wedding, so we knew we wanted/needed to spend a couple days together somewhere private, and quiet. This place was out of a fairytale perfect. It smelled of my families cabin in upstate NY. Lush green forest everywhere you look, nothing but the sound of the stream that runs alongside the house. Total seclusion. The kind of place that makes you forget about the world. We danced and played board games, listened to old blues music, drank whiskey by the fire. It was absolute heaven and exactly what we needed.

I'll post the link to the Airbnb listing below, if you're in my area I highly recommend escaping to this beautiful property!


Link to Airbnb listing:

click here

Femininity In the Raw

Opening night for our show "Femininity in the Raw" was Sunday and it was incredible. Community support is so important and we have an abundance of it here in Winston-Salem. It was really cool to see my photographs morph into truly unique pieces of art and everyone that came to celebrate these wonderful and talented women!

You will be able to view the series for the entire month of June at KLEUR located at 724 N. Trade Street in downtown Winston-Salem. If you've never checked out KLEUR I could scream, as you'll see from these images it is such a beautiful space filled with equally beautiful handmade goods and art. You won't be able to leave empty handed!

A special thanks to the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County for funding this project and Alex Benson of ArtWSNC for all of your hard work, my vision wouldn't have been possible without you.




Alex Benson / ArtWSNC

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County



Molly Simpson / KLEUR



Waceline Cius

Portrait Photographer

instagram: @cius_photography


Soren Daum

Mixed media, sculpture, acrylic & oil paint


Dulce Rivas

Oil paint and photography 


Eliana Rodriguez


instagram: @eliana_sart

Sherri Peterson

Acrylic, oil, & watercolor paint


Latisa Tatum

Acrylic paint and illustration


Scott + Family

This was such a fun shoot, some of my favorite family photos to date! I got to hang with the Scott's at their beautiful home and we ran around the property and chased light. They are truly beautiful inside and out and I can't wait to work with them again!

Whitney is wife to NASCAR driver Brian Scott and a blogger based right outside of Charlotte, NC. For all things fashion, DIY, mommy, and everything in between check her out at


Olin + Family

Last week I spent some time in NY during my favorite season and shot some fall mini-sessions! I haven't seen these guys since high school and it was really nice to hang and meet their adorable daughter. She is full of life and curiosity, and she was obsessed with picking rocks! My kind of girl!


Huge thank you to Smithome Farms Pumpkin Patch! If you're in the southern tier area of NY you have to go check them out, fresh baked mini donuts, hay rides, and any color or variety of pumpkin you could want! Check them out here

September Styled Meetup

I had the pleasure of attending a local shoot meetup put on by some incredibly awesome and talented photographers + vendors. This was the first time I've done anything like this and I'm so happy I took that leap! 

A huge congrats to our real life engaged couple Isaac Niemitalo and Brooke Beane! You two radiate happiness and it was truly a pleasure working with you. Also thank you to all the vendors who made this a reality, everything was put together beautifully and I can't wait for the next one!


Venue:  The Homestead at Mill Creek

Hair & Makup:  Face Forward

Florals/Decor:  Dahlias

Invitation Suite:  NuExpression


Cookies:  Thats Marla


Crystal + Maternity

I absolutely adore this girl, and I'm convinced she is a unicorn. You can only hope to look this beautiful at almost 10 months pregnant! We had a blast running, and waddling, around her beautiful backyard just as the sun was setting. She let me do her hair and makeup and pick out dresses, and we laughed the entire time (almost every other shot was her cracking up.) It was magical, this instantly became one of my favorite sessions to date. I can't wait to meet baby K!

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was just as magical as I could have ever hoped for. My family and I went to this little mountain town festival, which was so awesome. We found so many little treasures and stuffed our faces with delicious food. Then we came across a new park near our home just as the day reached my favorite time for sun light, and we ended in the backyard with whiskey and live music by the fire. I will forever cherish that day and these photos. Shoutout to my future husband and beautiful mama for capturing a lot of these shots :) being a mother is by far the greatest adventure I have ever embarked on,  I can't wait to see where our journey takes us.



Mallory + Travis

I've had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful couple for over a decade, Mallory for almost 15 years.  I got to be a part of their special day 3 years ago and it's been amazing to watch them grow as a couple and a family. This shoot was so much fun and I'm so happy I was able to capture these moments for them. I cannot even handle the hotness that is Mallory Redner, and don't get me started on that gorgeous dress! Their love (and her smile) is so infectious and it truly shines through in these images. The request was a "dark bridal shoot" and with the location being an abandoned infirmary I think we were able to bring her vision to life :)

Happy Anniversary you lovebirds!

Everlasting light

3 years ago I lost my brother to a tragic accident. Today is his birthday, and on special days like today I always like to do something to help ease the pain and keep him here with us. A few months before he became my angel he made a trip to Italy to see the love of his life. I've dearly held onto these images and I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorites today, especially since most people haven't seen them. I want to thank Madina for capturing these, they truly show off his light and our family will forever cherish them. 


I love you Mark.

Happy birthday buddy<3


"I love you I love you I love you"


Last weekend I got to hang out and photograph one of my favorite dude's birthday party! There's nothing more fun to me than capturing children in their element- and it was such a beautiful, sunny day! Plus this pregnant chick got some birthday cake :)

Happy Birthday Seany/ninja/pokemon master!



Anon, to sudden silence won,
In fancy they pursue
The dream-child moving through a land
Of wonders wild and new,
In friendly chat with bird or beast—
And half believe it true

Model / Kelsey Chambers


Last week I got to document the Piedmont School's annual musical, "Seussical The Musical, Jr." and it was a blast! These kids were amazing, they were all so sweet and full of personality. It was truly an enjoyable evening! I think my favorite part was the end when they were all on stage together, being goofy and dancing around. I love photographing kids in their element! Thanks for having me Piedmont, hope to be back soon! :)



Welcome to my first blog post! It's a special one 

Four years ago I had the amazing and unique opportunity to photograph this extraordinary woman during one of the hardest journeys a human being can face. Her name is Ashley Brink, and she was in the middle of her battle with hodgkin's lymphoma. We held mutual friends but never met before, and she made the brave decision to write me and ask me to document one of the most emotional experiences a woman can go through, losing her hair. With a bottle of red cat and some good music we hung out and talked about life, she's one of those people that can change your existence from a single conversation, she sees the world in such a beautiful way. As you scroll through the photos below you may forget that you're looking at a woman battling cancer, her positive and beautiful spirit truly take hold. You will get to see a side of cancer many know of but not many get to see. That night will forever be dear to my heart. Thank you Ashley for allowing me and the world to walk with you through that journey, and I'm so grateful to call you a friend now and be able to see you living your life happy and cancer free :)



Happy Birthday you kick-ass beautiful girl!!!